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Website Security: Let’s talk SSL certificates

Website security: Let’s talk about SSL certificates   What is an SSL certificate? SSL stands for “Secure Sockets Layer”… *pause for confusion to set in*. Okay so if you don’t specialize in cyber security what does SSL mean? It’s an added level of security for your customers interacting with your website. That could be your

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Optimizing Your Website For Lead Generation

Websites are a must in today’s business landscape- we all know that. It’s a place to tell your story, sell your products, and provide expertise. But, it can’t just look pretty! If your website isn’t optimized to convert leads (turn visitors into purchasers) then it’s no different than a brochure. In this post, we’ll go over

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website development technical debt

Is Technical Debt Costing You Money?

Is Technical Debt Costing You Money? If you have a website, a custom database or any other technology investment, you may encounter technical debt. Here’s what you need to know: What is technical debt? Technical debt is a term used in tech to describe the cost of doing something easy over what is arguably better

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The Importance of Advanced Blog Post Scheduling

One of the primary goals of effective marketing is to reach the target audience, so it is important to understand when and how they will see the information that you share. Today, we’re talking about scheduling blog posts! Competing for the spotlight on the news feed can be a daunting task. Let us share with

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Website Analysis

Why Tracking Web Traffic Matters

When you think about the goals of a website, the words engagement, lead generation, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) come to mind, right? Well to reach those goals, first we have to know the basics. By monitoring your website analytics, you can monitor the habits of site visitors. You can use free tools such as google

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Website Optimization

3 Ways to Make Your Blog Posts SEO Friendly

Search engine optimization and content writing go hand-in-hand, one is not effective without the other.  When you optimize your content such as blog posts, web pages, or landing page funnels, you’re making it easier for search engines like Google to find out what your website is all about and in turn make it easier for people

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