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Digital Marketing For Nonprofits

Digital Marketing Tips For Nonprofits

It’s by no surprise that businesses and organizations are relying on digital business practices more than ever before. A lot of federally mandated laws and public health concerns have required organizations and businesses to do things dramatically different than they ever could have imagined. However, if we turn our optimism dials up a bit, this

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Reach More Donors with Your Online Presence

It’s that time of the year again! Mariah Carey and Michael Buble are on the radio, the Christmas lights are up, and Costco is out of Pumpkin Pies. That’s right, it’s year-end. This is the time of year when our nonprofit clients ramp up their fundraising efforts. So, we wanted to share some tips on

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Client Highlight: The Journey Fund

Northwest Medical Specialties is the leading cancer care provider in the Puget Sound. They partnered with VSG Marketing to build out internal branding and communication strategies for their staff, who were spread out over 7 locations when they decided to start their own foundation that supported their patients beyond cancer treatment. Step one was to

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Online Donations 101

Whether or not you know it, you have most likely been the beneficiary of some sort of nonprofit organization. Nonprofits do so much good and help make this world a better place, and most of them rely on some form of a donation to help fund and operate their organizations. Nonprofit organizations have long relied

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