Nonprofit Fundraising

Guideline to Planning Your Next Event

An important step in almost every organization’s annual calendar is planning one (or more) events. For nonprofits, those are typically fundraising events. The list of to-dos can seem daunting and endless when you’re starting to plan your event, so we’ve put together a planning timeline to help get you started. Majority of this list applies

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Brand Compliance

Logo Usage Guidelines

Whether you’re a Forbes 500 Company or a small, local non-profit organization, your brand matters. One of the most significant aspects of your brand is your logo.  This mark allows your customer base or clients to identify and recognize you. Your logo was not just haphazardly created, but was designed with purpose using specific icons, graphics,

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Account Management

What is an Account Manager?

The answer to that question could be a mile-long. For a job that requires many different skills, it really boils down to this: Account Managers are responsible for managing expectations. In the agency world, an Account Manager is responsible for making sure the needs of the client (you) is communicated back to the rest of the

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Direct Mail Campaigns

Is Direct Mail Dead?

Sometimes it seems like a never-ending cycle – junk mail appears in your mailbox, you glance over it, then toss it into the recycling bin. Fortunately for you, there’s a difference between a piece of junk mail and using direct mail as a touch point in your marketing campaign. Let’s talk ROI (Return on Investment)

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