VSG Head Coach Shares Business Wisdom With Marketing Students

VSG Head Coach, Doug Burton, calls in to Professor Jeff Rounce’s Marketing 308 class to relive the ol’ PLU football glory days and share hard-won lessons through his years as an entrepreneur. WATCH: Read a quick recap of the video below- Where it All Started I transferred to PLU and played football under the legendary

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Are You Using the Right Host for Your Website?

Choosing a web host can feel a lot like buying a car. They all seem to do the same thing yet have a wide variety of prices, and at the end of the day, all you care about is paying as little as possible for the best option for your business. Today we are going

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Receiving My Facebook Blueprint Certification

Hi internet, my name is Justin Hooker and I’m the Digital Marketing Specialist here at VSG Marketing. When I sat down to record my professional development goals at the beginning of 2020, I knew I wanted to focus on advanced training in digital advertising, but I had no idea just how relevant that skill would

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Are You Marketing to Your Best Customers Right Now?

Dear readers, we are writing this amidst an unprecedented time. In Washington State and beyond, those who can, are all working from the comfort and safety of our homes. Restaurants, gyms, theaters, retailers large and small are closed up due to COVID-19.  We’re all unsure of just how big the fall out will be for

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Wine + Design: Why You Need a Graphic Designer

This week, we threw our designers on set to discuss their thoughts on graphic design and its significance in the business world. Is a professional graphic designer necessary? What is the difference between hiring a professional or a DIY-er? We hope to answer those questions and more in this week’s blog.  If you’d rather watch

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