Are You Marketing to Your Best Customers Right Now?

Dear readers, we are writing this amidst an unprecedented time. In Washington State and beyond, those who can, are all working from the comfort and safety of our homes. Restaurants, gyms, theaters, retailers large and small are closed up due to COVID-19.  We’re all unsure of just how big the fall out will be for

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Wine + Design: Why You Need a Graphic Designer

This week, we threw our designers on set to discuss their thoughts on graphic design and its significance in the business world. Is a professional graphic designer necessary? What is the difference between hiring a professional or a DIY-er? We hope to answer those questions and more in this week’s blog.  If you’d rather watch

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GeoTargeting: Find Customers Near You

We get this question all the time. “How do I reach more customers in my area?”  We always coach our clients to make sure they are marketing to their best customers first before focusing on acquiring new, “higher in the funnel” data. This would be anyone in their existing database and in-turn, their connections. These

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Podcast Starter Kit for Your Business

Podcasting is quickly becoming one of the latest trends in digital content and marketing strategy. We discussed the benefits of podcasts and other long-form media in a blog and a video discussion several weeks ago. This week, we outline a podcast starter kit that will show you why you should start a podcast, what you

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What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Do?

Guest blog by Digital Marketing Specialist, Justin Hooker Digital can be such an ambiguous word. What does it even mean?  “Oh, Digital Communications… What’s that again?” I vividly remember when all the parents of my college friends asked me that around the time I was graduating from undergrad. My default response was usually something along

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