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Many businesses are having to cancel their important events or quickly pivot them online.  To help our client partners and community during this challenging season, we created "The Ultimate Virtual Event Quick Pivot Checklist" to guide you through the virtual event planning process. 
Click the link in our bio to read the checklist and start planning your virtual event.
VSG clients based in Colombia just downloaded marketing resources in real time!  We love being able to connect with people from all over the world as we keep their brand identity protected. The ability to stay in touch with our clients across the globe has been crucial during these times, and our technology has allowed us to do so.  Wondering about Suitespace? Check out the solutions page on our website.
Last month, we welcomed Katelyn to the VSG Team as our new Executive Administrator!  Katelyn settled in immediately, taking massive action and initiative in her role. She has already become vital to our daily operations and ensuring everything runs smoothly.  Welcome, Katelyn! We are so excited to have you as part of our VSG Team.
What does being buyer-centric mean to you?  You have heard about the importance of knowing your audience, understanding your buyers, and finding ways to serve your customers. But how do YOU do that?  There are many ways to gather insights from your buyers on how you can serve them best. Some examples are:  ✅ Ask questions with genuine curiosity.
✅ Listen. NO, really listen. Consider not only what is on the surface, but dig deeper and ask questions that get to the root of their problem.
✅ Create surveys to gather real insights.
✅ Don’t just gather insights from your best customers. Your prospects and those who did not convert may provide important information on how you can serve them better. 
✅ Gather insights at all stages of the funnel.
✅  If possible, interview. Interviews give you the greatest opportunity to fully understand your buyers throughout their customer journey.  What are the methods your business uses to understand customer needs?
#customerjourney #customercentric  For more ways to dive deeper into understanding your buyers, read our recent blog that offers 3 exercises to get to know your customers better.
What is the one constant right now that we can absolutely count on?  Yes, you got it.  CHANGE!  This summer, Jaime joined the VSG Marketing team as a Digital Content Specialist and will be helping to create, develop, and organize all things content.  Read more about our newest member in our latest blog at the link in our bio!
How do you measure success?  In marketing, it is important to understand the big picture and how your marketing efforts convert to opportunities. One way to do this is to identify success metrics across the buyer's journey.  How do you do this?  First, you need to identify your business goals throughout the different buyer journey stages.  Next, understand what actions buyers need to complete at each stage of their journey and what success metrics you need to collect that align with your business goals.  This process will evolve over time as you clarify which metrics accurately reflect those higher-level goals.  Learn more about how to measure success at the link in our bio.  #b2b #b2bmarketing #metrics
HAPPY ONE YEAR WORKIVERSARY CAROLINE!  From intern to Account Coordinator, It has been such a joy to watch her grow with us and flourish as an amazing member of our team. Each day we are encouraged by how engaged she is in her work and how she does everything with such a great attitude.  - [Y]our Team
Happy National NONPROFIT Day!  We work with over 20 nonprofits on a daily basis and believe it’s our mission to support theirs. We have been blown away by their resiliency in tough times, operating on thin resources with big needs.  Thank you to all of our NP friends for making a positive impact in [Y]our community and around the world!  #nationalnonprofitday #nnd #nonprofit #community #npmarketing
Are you interested in creating a content strategy for your business but aren't sure how to get started?  In this blog, you will learn more about how to get started with your content strategy and creating content that speaks to your audiences.  This includes:  ✔️ The most popular types of content and distribution platforms
✔️ How to create powerful Buyer Persona’s
✔️ How to connect with your audience using an Empathy Mapping tool
✔️ Understanding the Buyer’s Journey and how to connect at different stages of the funnel
✔️ Aligning your business objectives and associated metrics with a Digital Marketing Measurement Model (DMMM)  To learn more, click on the link in our bio.
We have all had to make some serious changes in the last 120 days. Many of our partners and friends operate in the nonprofit sector and we know that they depend on in-person fundraisers to the annual budget. So, we sat 2 of our team members down who are heavily involved with our digital and nonprofit clients to share how you can best position your organization digitally to continue to raise money in these times of uncertainty (and even after all this is over). Click the link in our bio to read or watch the full article.
A landing page is a key factor in any digital marketing campaign, but how do you build an effective one? Click the link in our bio to read more.