Suitespace: Powered by VSG Marketing

Suitespace technology is our innovative marketing platform that enables our clients to streamline their marketing processes into intuitive, navigable steps.

Access your personalized marketing collateral in real time, from any location, with guaranteed brand compliance and on-demand fulfillment.

1. Create

Let’s collaborate!

Do you need an expert team of designers to revitalize your content or build new collateral? Or maybe you already have marketing materials that you love? Either way, VSG works with you to ensure that your cloud collateral is brand compliant and impactful. We’ll help you decide which collateral pieces are most effective and then format them into variable, customizable designs.

Case Study

Youth For Christ


2. Store

Think of your Suitespace as your online marketing library.

All of your collateral exists as live files that can be easily personalized with our online technology. VSG builds your Suitespace site and works with you to determine the optimal variability of each of your marketing pieces.

3. Customize

Targeted marketing on the 1:1 level.

The Suitespace customization process makes personalized marketing easy. Your Suitespace users log-on, personalize their collateral in variable fields an get on their way with materials on hand. Because your marketing pieces are cloud-based, your users can customize – and re-customize – material for every meeting and every customer.

Suitespace offers dynamic user experiences via customizable user interfaces. You decide who has access to your marketing – giving as much, or as little, permission as needed to your user groups to drive, adjust and customize content.

Case Study

SAVI Day Spa


4. Access

Your brand, in the cloud.

Imagine brand customization and compliance on every level. All production of new material will follow predetermined guidelines that you define. Suitespace protects your brand and your marketing messages with guaranteed compliance from your users.

5. Fulfill

Say goodbye to wasted print.

A large portion of your marketing budget is spent on print materials that reflect a one-size-fits-all mentality. Let’s face it – generic and bulk-printed content simply doesn’t resonate with every audience and leads to vast amounts of waste.

Suitespace puts your budget back on track so that company resources are better spent.

Case Study

Sessler Construction